Ali Hollands

Ali Hollands, of Inspired To Change Maidstone, is a highly qualified and award winning clinical hypnotherapist with a passion for helping people overcome anxiety and out perform their limits. 

She originally qualified in 2011 with a diploma in hypnotherapy with counselling skills, adding NLP, the nationally recognised HPD and several issue specific training’s over the next few years. In 2015 she completed her third hypnotherapy diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and now uses this model of therapy almost exclusively, because she says "It gives the best, most robust and long lasting results and my clients find the process fascinating, motivating and energising."

As well as running her clinic from Pro Health Therapy Rooms, Ali lectures in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for the prestigious CPHT, a leading hypnotherapy training provider in the U.K. and abroad.  As a driven member of the Kent business community, Ali commits her time to supporting local business owners and professionals develop and thrive in two ways. 

She leads enACT Maidstone, one of Kent’s longest running and most successful mastermind groups, and is a member of 'We Mean Biz' Maidstone, a business network for professionals and business owners who want to develop meaningful business relationships locally and nationally. 

When she's not helping people in life and in business she loves open water swimming, climbing, caipirinhas, loud music, dancing, laughing, geeky stuff about the brain, her kids, her two shih tzu cross dogs and her very needy cat! To talk to Ali about an issue, challenge or opportunity you'd like help why not book your FREE initial consultation and be Inspired To Change.

Ali is based at Pro Health Tuesday and Thursdays including evenings

Tim Patmore

Tim Patmore of A.I.M Hypnotherapy { Amaze In Minds} has been working in therapy for over 20 years and as a professional Hypnotherapist and has found hypnosis to be a powerful way to help people achieve life changing results, Specialises in helping people move away from physical and Emotional pain.

The goal being to understand the origin of the issue, how it is effecting both the mind and body and then helping you by finding the appropriate solution for reducing the discomfort to the desired level of control.

Hypnosis can have an immediate impact on the way that experience and relate to the sensations in your body, sometimes having an immediate release from discomfort. Emotional pain, stress and anxiety is often stored within our bodies in much the same way as physical pain and amazing results can be achieved by understanding what affects us, where we hold it within the body and by fully releasing it and letting it go.

An important part of Tim’s process is to help clients take control of how they experience, and take care their bodies and their own well being so emphasis is placed on teaching you self hypnosis techniques as on going maintenance support.

Tims background. Back in his late teens Tim’s journey began by training in full contact Martial Arts, acquiring dan grade and competing in top level tournaments where regular training and injuries gave an introduction to massage therapy. Having first become a practitioner in energy healing, Tim later went on to do Itec diplomas in Holistic, deep tissue and sports massage, using the knowledge to continue working with the British Tae kwon do team. Having always had a keen interest in hypnosis and from becoming aware of the importance of treating the mind and body in unison Tim did an introductory course in Hypnotherapy with Dr J Royale and then later a full international diploma with Dr Kate Beaven Marks , HypnoTC and the National Hypnotists guild (NGH). Tim is continually evolving his skills and is currently doing further diplomas in Acupressure massage, CBT and life coaching. Tim uses some of his schedule to work as a volunteer with the Harmony therapy trust charity giving support to those recovering or dealing with cancer.

To relax away from Therapy Tim runs a soft landscaping company ( Whispering Grass Garden Design) moving into specialising in Zen Gardens and Reflective spaces. No longer into contact Martial Arts Tim is developing his skills in Tai chi. Tim is an avid reader of all things therapeutic and also likes to spend quiet time Drawing and painting. Tim is always available to help with your queries and give advice.

Tim offers a Free consultation and always offers on going support as required. Tim is currently available at Pro Health every Thursday until late. 

Michelle COLE

Michelle is a qualified solution focused hypnotherapy practitioner, with a diploma that is nationally recognised and accredited by CPHT. Michelle has always said she has always known from a young age, that helping people mentally and emotionally is something she was going to do.

Michelle especially enjoys using her passion to help people find motivation and positivity in their life. Michelle feels hypnotherapy the most natural healing intervention there can be as a mind therapy. Solution focused hypnotherapy has specific and well researched strategies so It's important to look at the bigger picture of what you want to achieve in the future, as opposed to the focusing on the negatives.

Michelle always likes to remind people she is here to help and she is here to remind you that there are various coping mechanisms & different techniques we can use to get you through the reason why you're there. We promote a calm, quiet & relaxed environment, which enables you to drift into a hypnotic but conscious trance.

This is extremely important for the healing process.Michelle is also proud to offer sessions to anybody over the age of 12.

When Michelle is not busy relaxing and helping others she is a keen Swimmer and walking through the exploring the countryside usually with the family dog in hand
Some of the areas Michelle has experience in include:

Stress & anxiety
Weight management
Stop smoking
Fears & phobias
Michelle is based at Pro Health Fridays all day and into the evening