About your Therapist Alison Martin

Alison Martin is an integrated health coach with a passion for emotional healing and transformation. Alison is also a Women's Empowerment Coach

Alison uses a fusion of shamanism combined with energy and sound healing, emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and Holistic Lifestyle coaching. To guide her clients along the path to overcoming all kinds of addictions, limiting beliefs and emotional blockages. Which help them find the missing piece of the puzzle and create a new story. 

A lover of nature, meditation and embracing the art of play Alison encourages her clients to integrate these aspects into their daily life to facilitate healing. 

Alison regularly teaches workshops in the UK and Europe alongside prominent practitioners specialising in topics based around self-mastery, mindfulness and self-empowerment. 

Alison has studied and is certified with: 

·        CHEK Institute 

·        Integrated Health Education 

·        The EFT Centre 

·        Greenlight School of Healing

·        Temenos Touch