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Initial Consultation

It is important that I first understand what you are finding difficult at the moment and so I aim to offer a comprehensive assessment that includes your goals for therapy.

In the first instance I can offer a free telephone consultation or we can meet face to face to gain an overview of your difficulties.

At the end of the assessment I will have ideas about what may be helpful for you. This may be to start therapy, or it may be about helping you link in with another service or organisation that would better meet your needs.

I can offer both daytime and evening appointments.

Individual Therapy

I work collaboratively with clients to develop a shared understanding of current difficulties and how they are impacting on one’s life. Therapy involves reducing distress by exploring the links between our experiences and the sense we make of them. Together, we identify coping strategies and helpful ways of moving forward.

We do this by drawing on a number of therapeutic models including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and systemic therapy. These models have a strong evidence base for their effectiveness in reducing distress.

Couples Therapy

Being in a relationship can be an immensely fulfilling experience, but can also bring many challenges. People struggle with many aspects of their relationships including communicating with each other, trust, and intimacy. Therapy is a way to make sense of what is going on for you both and help negotiate the future.

Family Therapy

Families face many challenges right across the generations and sometimes they need help to get back on track. I do this by working with the family to understand their way of communicating, and identify their strengths.

Free consultation

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