YOGA seeks to break this habitual cycle challenging the mind and muscle connection. Working in this way helps distract the body from its known restriction, builds neural connections, improves coordination, adds variety and improves efficiency, muscle engagement and mobility. In real life we do not move and stretch through traditional yoga poses, we move through awkward and uncoordinated ways and CHUDOGRAPHY YOGA with Kiran explores this by taking traditional poses and moving through them, changing the focus, adding twists, varied arm, leg and foot placements and seamlessly linking poses into a flowing sequence. 

CHUDOGRAPHY YOGA has been developed from the theories and practices of Vinyasa yoga, combined with knowledge and exploration of muscles and movement received through dance and sports massage. The evolution continues as Kiran finds new practices and influences including Feldenkrais, Pilates and Somatics.

Why is every class different?

Our mind and muscles work from memory. When we see or hear a direction we re-create something we have done before with limited thought and awareness. Once we have arrived in the pose we then make adjustments to make it 'correct.' In life we do so many things without thinking, looking or feeling, these actions become habitual. CHUDOGRAPHY