Craniosacral Therapy was developed through the work of osteopathic physician Dr William Garner Sutherland. Craniosacral Therapy works on the principle of inherent health, that no matter the situation there is potential for the body to heal itself from both physical and emotional pain, stress and trauma. Our nervous system system is in constant assessment making intricate changes within your body keeping you as health and safe as you can be at that very moment in time. When we are not able to deal with challenging life events resourcefully they can become imprinted into the nervous system causing points of inertia. These ‘blockages’ prevent the optimal functioning of muscles, connective tissues, fascia, organs and ability of the brain to assess and regulate giving potential for ill health and dysfunction within the system.

How does it work

The movement of the cerebrospinal fluid from the spinal cord to brain creates a tide like motion through the fluids and tissues in the body. Where the tide flows there is health and where there is restriction there is potential for ill heath. Through light hands on contact the therapist will listen and feel the tides and rhythmic motions through the body identifying where there is a restriction and facilitate the client's system back to health. Craniosacral Therapy helps the system to down regulate the nervous system from a fight or flight mode to a more relaxed state.

Why might I need Craniosacral Therapy

Do you every feel like you just need to stop and take a breath? Are you finding it hard to cope with everyday issues? If 'Yes' then Craniosacral Therapy could benefit you. We work together to slow your nervous system and for the body to identify the priority for healing which, can be a physical or emotional challenge or a accumulation of stress and trauma over time.Some of the conditions people maybe suffering with who benefit from Craniosacral treatment can be as follows:Conditions Craniosacral Therapy could help with include: stress, anxiety, low energy levels, headaches & migraines, jaw & facial pain, back/shoulder/neck pain, disrupted sleep patterns, digestive issues, a general feeling of tension, post operative/injury recovery. Craniosacral Therapy is also a great mindfulness and a wonderful treatment which may compliment your general well being practice.

What will I feel

Every session is different and what you will feel will vary depending on what you're presenting with. Many clients find a deep sense of stillness and relaxation which they would not otherwise be able to experience in their everyday life. Others sense tingles, vibrations, pulsings, changes in breathing, heat, a melting away of tension, a feeling of fluid moving around their body and sensations of tipping and rocking. Clients often leave feeling energised and invigorated

Is it suitable for babies

Yes! Because of the delicate nature of the work it is suitable for babies. Clients may visit a Craniosacral Therapist when there has been a challenging birth for either/both mum and baby, for feeding and digestive issues, difficulty sleeping and settling and sensitivities. A session with a baby can involve the whole family unit and a baby can be treated held in the arms of a guardian or on a couch.

How many sessions will I need

Craniosacral Therapy is a process based practice and works through layers of information so it is suggested to have around 5 sessions for the work to develop. After your first session we will discuss if it's something you feel could benefit you and come up with a treatment plan. Some clients come every month to 6 weeks for maintenance or a 'top up.'