Nutrition has long been recognised as an important component of health maintenance and promotion. Its importance is the key to living a healthy life with a brighter future. Whether you are looking for a tailored diet plan to help you manage your weight, or lifestyle support and information to help you make healthier choices, Nicola can help.

Areas which may be covered during a session are:

Dietary assessment

Weight management

Advice on maintaining a balanced diet

Suggestions on how to prevent and fight certain health problems by modifying and adjusting diet and lifestyle

Common sense advice on how to maintain a balanced  healthy diet with a busy lifestyle

Shopping guidance

Portion sizes

Healthy eating on a budget

Correct preparation of foods for busy lifestyles and families

Child Nutrition

Healthy eating for vegetarians and vegans

Meal planning, preparation and organisation

Guidance reading food labels/shopping/can include a supermarket tour

Party time survival advice/eating out

Understanding internal/external food triggers

Working as a role model within your family

Sports specific nutrition and problem solving


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