Introductory telephone consultation to establish whether we can work together is free of charge for up to 15 mins.

Herbal medicine treatment First consultation 1 hour £60

Follow up consultation 40 mins £36.50

Child under 16 £60 per hour minimum £38

Child follow up £27.50 20-30 mins

Food Intolerance test Adult £80.00 75-90 mins 

Child £70.00

Herbal Medicine £9.95 per 100mls average 105mls per week for adults

100ml with pipette £12.50

30ml with pipette £5.00

Repeat prescriptions subject to 250ml or £25 minimum

Dried herbs from £5.00 per 100g

Miscellaneous  Garlic capsules x 150 £12.50

Slippery elm capsules x 90 £16.00

Milk thistle seeds £3 per 100g

Cream 60g £10, 120g £16.50

Post and packaging (not applicable following in person consultation)

Up to 999g . £5.50

1-2kgs £7.50

Our 24hr Cancellation Policy:

Any customer cancelling a treatment with less than 24 hours notice will still be charged 50% of the treatment cost.